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    2 hours ago

    Why King County Needs Ranked-Choice Voting

    Hill Street Studios / GETTY In our nation’s first elections, only 6% of the public—property-owning white men—were eligible to vote.…
    23 hours ago

    Baltimore crime, deteriorating quality of life prompt threats of tax boycott, petition to oust mayor

    Former Baltimore mayoral candidate Zulieka Baysmore on Monday joined a burgeoning tax boycott over rising crime and declining quality of…
    1 day ago

    America giddy with post-pandemic normalcy: Baseball, church, proms, weddings, vacation getaways

    Tuxedo rentals at Men’s Wearhouse are nearing 2019 levels after almost no event business in February, Sam’s Club is selling…
    2 days ago

    Rantz: Masks mandatory at outdoor Seattle market despite 70% vaccination rate

    Masks are required for the South Lake Union Saturday market thanks to rules from the county. (Photo: Jason Rantz/KTTH) Seattle…
    3 days ago

    Biden, G-7 leaders agree to end public support of coal industry

    President Biden agreed Saturday with other leaders at the Group of Seven wealthiest democracies to end government support of coal…
    3 days ago

    Five inmates are on the ballot in District election Tuesday

    If a politician holding public office can end up in a jail cell, why can’t an inmate take the opposite…
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