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Language Lessons movie review (2021)

Morales and Duplass star in this tight 91-minute dramedy, which plays out entirely through phone and laptop screens. That method…

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Judge rejects Minneapolis ballot language on defunding the police, council holds emergency meeting to revise

Hours after a Minnesota judge rejected Minneapolis ballot language that would have gotten rid of the city’s police department, city…

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Dekanalog Buys Foreign Language Pair ‘Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You’ & ‘Father’

EXCLUSIVE: New York-based distributor Dekanalog has added two foreign-language titels to its slate. In November, the company will release Mother,…

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Meet the puzzle-solving gorillas shedding light on how speech evolved

By Clare Wilson There are many ways that our great ape relatives can remind us of ourselves: through their anatomy,…

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