Elden Ring dev FromSoftware shares more info on its open world – and what’s in it

The curtain is pulled back on FromSoftware’s previously-elusive Elden Ring, an open world role-playing game (RPG) that combines the difficult combat, larger-than-life monsters and mythic figures of past “Soulsborne” games like Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. As part of E3 2021, FromSoftware president and Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke with IGN about how the open world here really works.

Elden Ring is set in a world called The Lands Between, a name coined by author George R.R. Martin, with whom Miyazaki collaborated in creating the world of Elden Ring. There are six distinct regions each ruled by a demigod and while there’s an “apparent” order to go through the regions, players aren’t technically required to do so. They can also do so on horseback, a feature that’s a first for a FromSoftware game.

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