All fun till the cops take the Lambo away

Next time, he might want to just pay for shipping instead.

A Norway man’s trip to buy a Lamborghini Huracan in Germany went awry when police clocked him driving 147 mph through Denmark and seized the $310,000 supercar.

“It was a little sad for him,” Jess Falberg, the on-duty officer, told the Nordjyske newspaper in northern Denmark.

“Now the car has been confiscated, and he was a little tired of that.”

Under a law enacted this year, Denmark police can take a “reckless” driver’s vehicle and sell it at auction. The law considers exceeding 124 mph and drunken driving to be reckless offenses.

The man was stopped just before reaching the ferry to Norway, on a stretch of highway with an 81 mph speed limit.

Lamborghini’s specs for the V-10 Huracan list a top speed of about 200 mph.

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